Our team

KBM is made up of a small team of passionate engineers. Specializing in the computer peripheral space, we find joy in connecting and finding common interests with our clients.

Although our HQ is in Kansas City, Missouri, the members of our team come from all over the world. A diverse team with modern-day ideas and processes help us bridge the gap between the emerging entrepreneurs of the world and their project goals.

What we do

KBM primarily designs and manufactures CNC parts for multi-unit specialty projects. The main materials we work with are aluminum and brass, although we can offer a much more diverse selection than that!

Apart from CNC, we also specialize in design and manufacturing services of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB). With our projects in the computer peripheral space we often find an overlap between CNC and PCB needs, hence why we offer both.

Our goal

Here at KBM, we hope to offer precise and consistent service to companies that are just starting and large operations alike!